Our Tenants' Voice – Improving Services group held its quarterly scrutiny meeting in January.

The involved tenants received an update on the out-of-hours service review. Three of the six recommendations have now been completed.

The tenants discussed the ongoing recommendations, including a proposed change to extend the times when the in-hours repairs service will be available. It is hoped this will increase tenant satisfaction and reduce the number of out-of-hours calls.

Next on the agenda was an update on the community safety review, where tenants received an update confirming the final two recommendations are complete. This included a new communication process in place for everyone who reports anti-social behaviour.

The tenants also discussed the planned maintenance review, where most of the recommendations focus on communication and letters. 

The tenants then reviewed our Customer Promises and Tenant Satisfaction Measures.

Tenants also heard from a member of the Continuous Improvement Team about its new programme aimed at improving our tenants' service experience and satisfaction. Our involved tenants were looking forward to sharing their experiences and feeding into the work through their scrutiny reviews.

The tenants discussed future topics they wished to review, which included aids and adaptations and looking into how we keep our communal areas clean and maintained.

For more information about our Tenants' Voice - Improving Services group and its scrutiny work, visit Tenants' Voice - Improving Services (Our tenant-led scrutiny group) 


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