The Regulator of Social Housing requires all registered providers to generate and report Tenant Satisfaction Measures as part of the new Customer Standards framework.

These measures combine data generated from:

  • internal management information
  • perception surveys.

This combined data will enable tenants to effectively scrutinise their landlord's performance.

We want our tenants to be fully aware of this impending change and seek to involve you in the process where possible.

What are the Tenant Satisfaction Measures?

There are 22 measures in total and all social housing providers must report on them.

These are split into two parts:

  • 10 performance measures that we will collect through management performance information.
  • 12 customer perception survey measures that will be collected through surveying tenants directly.

The Tenant Satisfaction Measures cover the following key areas:

  • Overall satisfaction   
  • Keeping properties in good order  
  • Maintaining building safety  
  • Safety checks  
  • Respectful and helpful engagement   
  • Effective handling of complaints/ASB  
  • Responsible neighbourhood management

The introduction of Tenant Satisfaction Measures will require us to:

  • Collect and report performance against the Tenant Satisfaction Measures from 1 April 2023.
  • Annually submit our performance against the Tenant Satisfaction Measures to the Regulator of Social Housing from June 2024
  • Annually publish our performance against the Tenant Satisfaction Measures including how we meet the regulator's requirements from September 2024.
  • Ensure the data is accurate, reliable, valid, and a transparent reflection of our performance against the Tenant Satisfaction Measures.

From late November 2023, we will be surveying a random, small selection of our tenants each month. This will be either via a text message or email you will receive with a link to the survey, or we may contact you via telephone via your main contact number.

It is your chance to let us know what you think about the delivery of our services and how we support you as a landlord. The results of the survey will help us understand what we may need to change or what not to change and help us drive real service improvement going forward.

We will publish the results from this survey each summer via a variety of communication channels.

We are working in partnership with Acuity Research and Practice Ltd to help us collect all the survey information so they will be the people you may be communicating with.

Want to know more about Acuity?

Acuity Research & Practice Limited,, telephone number: 01273 287114 Registered in England No. 3503391. They will follow best practice when carrying out this survey and ensure that they conform with ISO20252:2019 and the MRS Code of Conduct.


If you would like to know more about the Tenant Satisfaction Measures, please visit